friday in november

So I woke up this morning. That’s always a good start. I have been taking a lot of different things getting my body ready for the new meds in two weeks. One of them is called Brain Nerve Cleanse. I almost don’t want to say it out loud, but I think my head might be starting to clear a tiny bit. It’s very slight, imagine being clouded with 15 layers of fog, its feels like 1 has been lifted.


There is so much I would love to do. I need to get my hair done, that I don’t love at all, actually can’t stand sitting there for hours…i’d rather be visiting thrift stores or antique malls..Thats my favorite thing to do! I love finding great old pieces of furniture and then turning them shabby with sanding and paint. All though, lately i haven’t been able to physically do any of that.. But, I do have a ton of great pieces stacked on the side of my house just waiting for a new look and a little love!!

Life is totally different then it once was.. I know there are many, many lessons in the midst of this garbage. I know in my right mind God has a perfect plan, and the lives that will be touched or changed through this will be unremarkable. Asides from others, I know already how much I have changed. Almost every belief, thought or opinion I may have once had has been question inside and out , leaving me with a total different perspective. One thing I learned in the last few years, never say never!

I was pushed to a point in my sickness where medicating with cannabis somehow became an option. I struggled for some time. I had to separate personal from medical. To tell you the truth..Thank God for it, because it truly is what keeps me going..Before cannibas dying was a daily thought. I treat it as any other medication. For those Christians that struggle with this issue . I’m sorry for you, as I  struggled too!  I joke I should be the Christian medical marijuana advocate. I wonder how many other believers suffer, and marijuana truly is beneficial, but will not use it due to their own personal beliefs..Fyi… Not only does it save myself from wanting to die, but it truly helps with nausea, and many other things. Don’t judge me..until you have been sick with Lyme or any other chronic disease.


Lot’s I’d like to do today..but I have to pick and choose. Time is sacred. One thing I miss is being able to run around all day..but, maybe that’s one of the gifts of being sick. I have slowed down, and that’s a good thing. We were ALWAYS on the go..we sold our boat and trailer, and to be honest…Soooo much better, all that stuff is, is a headache. Once you have it, then you have to use it because your paying for all of it, We were so caught up in the fast lane, life was passing us by so fast, we never had time to just be

 I’m cold..Can’t find the remote to turn the fan off, so im bundled up with knee-high socks, sweats, blankets..oh, and I often get side tracked.. BIRD!!!   HA,  gotcha!!

Well world, I should go get my shake..It consists of ginger, swiss chard, spinach, probiotics, and a bunch of other goodies..if you live in the desert you should check out Palm Green in the Sun Center.. Berry, berry good!!

much love~ chat soon!


About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. much to say..
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One Response to friday in november

  1. Patty Rodriguez says:

    Glad to see you started a blog/ 🙂 Very beautiful I hear your heart, not the frustration of the disease. Hang in there… one day it will be in the past and you will be free. Patty

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