parenting sick

Good Afternoon World,

I meet you from my bed. I would say 70-75 % of my day is spent in bed or on the couch. I usually have an hour of two of functioning but then I have to lay down. Fatigue is very common with lyme. It is beyond being tired, it is a burn in every muscle that forces you to stop what ever you are doing at that moment.

Parenting while you are sick?? WOW!!! That’s a tough one. Parenting healthy is difficult.  I often find myself in awe of people who work and still run a family.Something I once did.  The things we take for granted are incredible, and its the simple things..

How do you teach, guide, lead and nurture your child, when you yourself cant barely move? How do you parent from laying in bed half the time? I’m learning to save my energy for when they get home. I try to participate as much as I can. At times I just get physically burnt and have to go lay down. Sometimes you feel so crappy you don’t even have the energy or strength to yell at them while laying in bed. Missing out on the fields trips and class parties is the hardest. I went from being the first mom in line at the school pick-up, to picking up in a blue moon..But, I know this too is all part of his infinite paln. I may not see it now. But one day every questioned will be answered.

My girls are amazing. I can’t imagine how trying this has been for them. What doesn’t break them will only make them  stronger. For there are no mistakes!

Josh is ….I actually don’t have the right words. He never stops. HE makes their lunches, makes, dinner, helps with homework, helps with laundry. His day begins at 4:30 and he doesn’t stop till 10:30 -11:00, or until he finally rest this head. He truly is amazing and I bask in the security of knowing God put us together. He knew the perfect spouse who could handle and accept the responsibility of what has been laid out in front of us.

Keep him in prayers. He needs to be filled and renewed with Gods strength daily, as he fights this battle too!

ttfn!! xo


About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. much to say..
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