we all fall short

Well Hello Lovely,

Who ever you may be. Just to let you know I’m not in my normal pensive mood. I usually write when I am over loaded with emotion.

My night finished with my new sleep aid. That didn’t work, or even come close for that matter. So throughout the night I ended up taking 2mg of klonopin and 4 mg of ativan. After waking up three times I eventually fell asleep.

This morning Madison had chapel and I was excited to go. But she seemed to think I had on too much make-up and my hair wasn’t to her liking. Not that I wear a lot of make-up. I think it has just been so since I have put on make-up, it may have seemed like a lot to her. As far I my hair goes. I rarely blow dry because holding the blow dryer is too painful and I lose a lot of hair. Fyi, I will probably be bald in a year or two. Will you think I’m pretty then? huh?

As I strive to be faithful I often stumble and once in a while do something I’m not particularly proud of. I would like to share those moments with you too!

So.. After getting ready scurrying out the door as I am already late. FYI, I was never late before. Ever!
There is a car inched out into the street to turn right, I had to turn left so I had to swoop around her. She gave me this dramatic eye rolling disgusted look, and all that came out of my mouth at the top of my lungs was  “bitch. ”

 Oh sweet Jesus forgive me I thought. In the mean time Madison was in such shock , she didn’t even know what to say. I had to laugh. Not that it’s ok but it the scheme of life was it really something to feel bad for. I think not. WE are human, we fail, we fall, but we get back up again.

Madison is in a Catholic School although we are Christian. Long story. I am not used to Catholic Mass. There is so much standing up, sitting down, kneeling it was like physical therapy. Eventually I had to just sit because my back was hurting.

Lots of emotion today. The flood gates oped after all was said and done pulled over in the car somewhere off Ramon.

I am off to lay down and rest. My body hurts and and my mind is tired!

Ttfn. Muah!


About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. awh..so much to say..
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