Happy Thanksgiving

Well Hello and Happy Thanksgiving World,

It’s 6:39 and I’m snuggled so warmly in bed. Annie is right here next to me.
Josh Is golfing, Maddy is still asleep and Grace is up with her new rat.

I love this time of year. The cool weather, lighting candles and turning on lamps for the soft glow from their light ,blankets and knee-high toe socks…Good stuff..

Fyi..blogging is like a job. although when I write I do find it therapeutic and rewarding.

It definitely takes me longer to write. Half of my words and sentences are backwards. Gathering my thoughts to make sense and being able to express my self in a semi collected manner proves to sometimes be frustrating.  Then proof reading.. I think you get what I am trying to say.

I know there are many Lymies who are staying home today and will not be traveling to family dinner. I will be one of those. My mom will be taking Madison and Grace up to my brothers where everyone will be.

Honestly, As much as I would love to be there. I am totally ok with not going. It sounds way to stressful and overwhelming and I don’t see any reason to put myself in a situation where I know it can send me spinning. Bring me home some leftovers. Just make sure it’s no sugar, dairy, gluten, or carbs. LOL

So here we are at our once a year, let’s be grateful day. It sure would be nice if everyday we celebrated the meaning of thanksgiving. There should be a Give Back day. When we honor those who have touched and changed our lives. That we may give back to them for all they have done.

I know we all have those special people who will always support us emotionally and mentally no matter the situation. I call those lifers. Some are a season. some are a reason, some will be a lifetime!

I have been feeling so-so. Hard to explain but I do think some of the fog is lifting.
It’s hard to even tell, its been so long, its like your not sure. My body is totally weak and almost every thing hurts, but my attitude is good, and that is half the battle.

Not feeling well and being in a dark place do not mix. It could potentially be a recipe for disaster. The pain feels crippling. Like my entire body is wound very tight like a rubber band. I go next Friday to see Dr. Trang. This is a big appointment. Last visit she spoke of putting me back on Mepron…Just the thought of this freaks me out. I am still undecided if that is something I am willing to take. It is a heavy drug and last time it nearly killed me! No joke! 

I try not to think about it till the visit comes, maybe there are other options.

So if you are home today due to not being able to leave I wish you peace and want to encourage you. God has each one of us right where he wants us. Before it gets to us, it all passes through his holy hands for his final approval.

 We are warriors who are called by him , for him, to let the light of Jesus shine through each one of us during this difficult time. It may be your neighbor or your child who is watching you to see how you handle the storm. Will we curse God or praise Him. We have to stay faithful to our hope which is in Christ Jesus. We have to know his plan is perfect and there are no mistakes. We have to consider ourselves  privileged that we are called for this challenge, that he cares about us so much he will allow anything in hope of us surrendering to his sweet and precious will.

His ways are not our ways, so we may not always understand why. But the beauty is..We don’t need to. We just need to trust and have faith.

No matter your struggles today, sickness, finances, addiction, children, whatever the problem may be. Remember no problem is too big for our God!!  For he is the Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end! 

Even though you may not see the light or even feel his presence. He is there.

Standing behind you , gently guiding you whispering which path to take. We can’t do this on our own. Today I am grateful for a God who loves me and who has called me according to his plan and purpose. I know there are days that extremely difficult and it feels like the world is falling around you, but it is in that very moment we need to remember and surrender, and let go and let God.

May your day be filled with hope, love, joy and peace.

Happy Thanksgiving World…



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where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. awh..so much to say..
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