So here I am. My last few attemps, I quit half way.

I am in a very dark place now. I’m not sure if its intuition, Lyme disease,  or the depression that comes from being sick every single fu***ng day. I don’t normally curse, and I know it doesn’t glorify God.

I ache for all the people who suffer from the crippling, crushing, life robbing, soul stealing disease, I ache for my children and husband, who have a shell of a mother and wife..

You don’t know. You will never understand until you are sick. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month….

You can’t understand the physical pain from dressing, when it hurts to pull your shirt over your head, or hurts to put your shoes on..So fatigued all you can do is lay in bed. At that point getting up to use the restroom is overwhelming .Could go days without eating except I have to take 30 sum pills a day..

One minute I could be sitting up, the next Im vomiting curled up to the toilet on the bathroom floor


About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. much to say..
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