My journey with medical Marijuana

I want to speak about being a believer and medical Marijuana.

I was never a pot smoker, didn’t care for it, and had low tolerance for people who smoked.

I always associated smoking with personal pleasure and could have never understood the use of “medical marijuana.”

Over the course of my illness, I had been prescribed every med known to man.

From pain meds..To anxiety meds. To sleep meds. You name it, chances are I have it.

I had different people suggest Marijuana which I laughed and thought ” yeah right.”

I couldn’t separate medical and personal in my head.

After all, I loved the Lord and now I’m gonna be smoking pot. How can I share the gospel and share how God has changed me and made me new while using Marijuana??

Within a few months time I had 3 different doctors ask me the same thing. Have you tried Marijuana yet?

It wasnt until one doctor who happened to be a believer said ” God made every good and bearing seed.” He was sure it would help me and really encouraged me try it. He told me ” don’t quit right away, it will take a few times to find your right strain.”

After my own personal struggle I came to the conclusion I was at the point of desperation and it was a MEDICAL decision. My cabinet full of MAN MADE MEDS were not only addicting ( which means withdrawal at some point ) but they over time reek havoc on an already compromised body and immune system…

So off I went to the doctors and was given a license.

I love the Lord and I use medical Marijuana.

Truth be told, It saved me.

There are mornings I medicate before getting out of my bed.

To all my believer friends, shame on you if you’re judging now.

Out of ALL people Christians are the ones who are supposed to be less judgemental , but seem to be the most.

I too was one.  I have learned through this not to judge.

You look at me and think I look fine. Remember the old saying ” looks can be deceiving”

I once said ” I would NEVER smoke Pot”.. Amazing how that never say never works…

I also never imagined I’d be chronically sick, with LYME DISEASE and PARASITES in my RED BLOOD CELLS…

The medical Marijuana store is like going to a regular pharmacy..

You go in, sign in, give them your license and ID, then tell buzz you threw.

In the beginning it was very overwhelming. I felt lost and a little stupid.

There are two main types. Stativa and Indica. Then each of these have about 15 different strains. So just like man-made meds, its trial and error to see what works for you.

It also comes in many other forms, all of which I have tried, but smoking seems to be most beneficial.

I have no shame and honestly quite thankful so many people pushed it.

After a few weeks I asked my children if they have noticed any difference in mommy, and they both said yes. I explained mommy has a new medicine and that has what has been helping. Maddy asked to see it, I said ok, just like it was any other med.

My hope is my girls grow up knowing Marijuana only as medication.

If I were to hide this, then it would be wrong. I believe it’s all how we present things.

I always say if you have to hide it, probably shouldn’t be doing it.

I am at peace with where I am at, and the treatments we have chosen.

I know God, I love God and he is using me like crazy.

Everyone’s walk is as different as our paths.

What may be right for you may not be right for me. 


Who knows… One day you could very well be in my shoes.

Never say never!! 

Oh, I also said ” I would “NEVER be a HOLY ROLLER”

Well Im a HOLY ROLLING my way to HEAVEN, and wouldnt change anything, EVEN my ILLNESS.

I am right where the Lord would have me.



About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. much to say..
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