Passover 2011

I sit in the silence, alone. So aware of every nerve and muscle in my body I can’t seem but to notice. My fingers feel pretty crippled. Hands are very stiff. Shoulders and neck are extremely tight. Dizzy, I’m always dizzy. I live with brain fog on a daily basis. It changes a moment to moment at times. There are times it’s so intense you wouldn’t be surprised if you actually dropped dead. Sometimes even waiting for the moment to happen.

You don’t know when your breath will be its last. What would you do differently if you knew there really was a Jesus and God, and you were gonna die in an hour and stand in front of him and hold an account of your life. What would you say? What would he say to you??

All the answers are in the bible, the Bible is life’s manual written by none other than your creator. The one who shaped your face, colored your eyes, and formed your heart..

There are several times I have felt I could die during my unending surreal adventure I call life. I’ve told Maddy “if anything happens to mommy, you know you have to help with sissy, right?

 I was ready, It wasn’t what I wanted but if it’s what was gonna happen, I was prepared. I knew if the Lord called me home where I was going would be good. Good beyond belief and behind beyond belief  lied the pearly gates of heaven.

 Remember ….  “TO live is Christ, To die is GAIN”

We will be on this journey but a short time. In the heavenly realm it will count for only a moment. Our focus isn’t supposed to be earthy thoughts and possessions , but on the things of the eternal. The things of the heavens.

What is your life?  Who do you serve?  Do you serve yourself, money, your job, your addictions??

I have chosen to serve the Lord.

Imagine the best feeling you ever felt.. Close your eyes, go there and allow yourself to remember that moment and feel that overwhelming feeling within of complete perfectness. Some much joy , your whole body and soul feels it from the tip or your nose to the tip of your toes.

Now that, x’s 300 is what having the word of God and Jesus in your heart feels like. I don’t care if  people mock me. Jesus was mocked. Of course I will be mocked, I should be, if I stand for him!

My life with Christ is so much more than I knew it could ever be. My worst day with Jesus is better than my best day without him! We don’t lose our life by accepting Christ. WE GAIN IT!!! ( ITS ETERNAL LIFE, LIFE IN HEAVEN FOREVER AND EVER!!!!

I am chronically ill on a DAILY basis with an invisible dis-ease. I know God is using me right this very moment. I wouldnt trade for the world. My life is different from most of yours. I havent worked in over 4 years, and am home most days. So I may see things differently due to the amount of time I have invested.

My words aren’t sufficient to describe the amount of joy and peace that come from the grace and forgiveness of God. The Bible says ” one day EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess “… Well friends, that would include you too!! I’m not willing to gamble on eternity! Sorry! I choose to believe.

My family has left to celebrate the passover. They attend the family Seder each year.

Please, search you hearts, we are in crazy times my friends, look around, look up!

Are you ready? Or will you be passed over?


About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. much to say..
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One Response to Passover 2011

  1. Jenny says:


    You are an amazing lady and writer.
    I know that it is not just writing but a passion from your daily walk and journey.
    I can relate to so many of your stories and love to read them.
    I will one day take time and read some of your later posts.
    In the meantime, I am thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

    God Bless,

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