I have to run away if only but a moment. It’s a mommy time-out. I’m relearning how to be a mom. For so long, I was non functioning.

There were a handful of times I believed I was dying, and there has been a handful more when I prayed to die.

I cherish each precious available moment as I’ve learned how unpredictable and valuable our time truly is.

I thank God for times of bliss. Usually in the midst of something terribly uneventful but priceless.

Today it was eating ice cream in the car with Madison while parked. Just us, eating our favorite ice cream, while admiring the backdrop our creator has created.

If only but a second. All else seems to fade away. If I could I would pause time.

But instead, I once again thank our Lord.

I know I am today in the midst of a preordained and predestined journey that I willfully choose to follow.

I’m not ashamed.
I know I am called for something greater than even I can understand.

I feel I have had my own personal encounter with God and death.

I’ve faced death in the eye. I laid lifeless and mumbled to myself.. If this is your will take me.

I feel through my faithfulness in believing down to the moment of what I believed to be my last, God has blessed me and faithfully guided me securely every day.

He continues to open my eyes to things unseen by once veiled eyes. It’s almost like a mystery is unraveling slow motion.

Things that never made sense make perfect sense.

I can’t help but to think had I not endured and continue to endure I could have possibly missed my personal encounter with Christ.

I don’t understand, nor do I need to. It’s by faith we believe.
What I’ve experienced on this road less traveled I wouldn’t trade or change.

I always prayed to have the eyes of Christ. To see things as he would see them.
I think my prayers were answered.

Although I wouldn’t have chosen illness to be the gateway. I have now learned I needed to be stripped before I could be clothed.

Thru my illness though I may have and continue to struggle, I will not curse or question why.

I will gracefully follow and continue to follow.

I do know if God revealed the same thing to everyone, his work wouldn’t get done.

Thank You Lord Jesus for loving me so much that I may be allowed to be used by you.

There is always light in the midst of the dark. For we are light, the light set upon the hill, for the world to see.

Father God I pray in these days blinders may be removed as you do a mighty work in the hearts set before you.

I pray we rise up as a nation and call on non other than the name above all names, that you may be exalted as we seek you, your word and your truth.

I thank you for what you have done and continue to do.

It’s in your precious name I pray..


About lymelife10

where to begin...loving, married mommy of two beautiful girls.. fighting a daily battle with lyme disease and babesia microti.. much to say..
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